I misunderstood the meaning of Mr. Saito's tweet. Anyway I keep this as it is until I receive a request to delete.
I'm sorry for inconveniences caused by my remark.

Open letter

17 December, 2011

Dear sirs at US State Department

I have been using Twitter and found one recent tweet by a ruling DPJ congressman very annoying.!/saitoyasunori

Mr. Saito says in one of his tweet dated 16 December, that

Since TPP deprives member countries of their sovereignty, we must promote it(TPP.)"

Here is a picture of his tweet:

Mr.Saito's tweet

I always thought that TPP is a trade-related issue and none of the sovereignity of member countries would be affected.

I would truly appreciate it if you could give me your recognition of TPP regarding sovereignity. Thank you very much in advance.

Best Regards

Hideyuki Takemoto
Citizen of Japan
3122 Ajisu, Yamaguchi city, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan
mail address: